The Origins Human Family Tree

August 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

National Geographic Channel is telecasting a program titled ‘The Origins Human family tree’ on august 30th, 2009. This program reveals the human origins. Spencer Wells with his team spent 4-5 years researching the origins of human family tree. He along with his team travelled across world and gathered DNA of 350,000 people of diverse background.

According to ‘The Human Family Tree’ it all began 60,000 years ago in East Africa, when our forebears began to leave the continent. One group crossed the 17 miles of water to the Arabian peninsula and from there spread out. Some stayed in the Middle East. Others moved east on a southern route into Southeast Asia and Australia.

Another group went north to the mountains of Central Asia and eventually arrived in Europe. Still another took the longest, hardest route: the northern route to Siberia, where its people crossed into North America on the land mass joining the two continents at the time and made it down to Chile.

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