Chinese last names not accepted by computers

April 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Are you interested in having one of the rare chinese last name ? think 100 times before you decide.

The computerization efforts initiated by China’s government recognizes only 32,252 of the roughly 55,000 Chinese characters. Many citizens couldn’t get computerized identity card because their name is not supported by software. Chinese goverment is insisting to change the last name as their last name have some very unique characters.

Historically any  person wants a unique used to create a separate characters and that uniqueness is creating the problem now. China has been working on a standardized list of characters for people to use in everyday life, including when naming children.

In reality just 100 chinese last names cover 85 percent of China’s citizens compared to 70,000 surnames cover 90 percent of Americans. WANG is the most common chinese last name with 92 million owning it followed by 91 million Lis and 86 million Zhangs.

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